Shot-LOC™ Picatinny Rails


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Shot-LOC™ Picatinny Rails

Our Shot-LOC™ rails are designed to fit with our Shot-LOC™ barrel shrouds, our Shot-LOC™ Universal Adapter Rail, or any M-LOK configured handguard. You can install these rails onto our Shot-LOC™ barrel shrouds in any of four positions - top, bottom, or either side - and multiple rails can be installed as well (top/bottom, side/side).  Available in 4 lengths, the 3 shorter rails can be used with either of our Shot-LOC™ barrel shrouds (4-1/8" or 5-1/16"). The longest rail can be used only with the 5-1/16" Shot-LOC™ barrel shroud. 

The Shot-LOC™ Picatinny rails can be used on Shot-LOC™ barrel shrouds, Shot-LOC™ Universal Adapter Rails, or any M-LOK configured handguard.

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