LongShot KEYMOD Aluminum Picatinny Rail CLOSEOUT SALE (No other discounts can be applied)


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This family of LongShot Picatinny rails incorporate the KEYMOD mounting system. KEYMOD is a universal interface system for firearm accessory components.  LongShot produces the largest size range of aluminum MIL-STD-1913 Picatinny rails utilizing the KEYMOD mount design, with a choice of rail lengths from 3-slots (1.600") to 40-slots (16.154"), to maximize the functionality of your weapon.  Our rails are precision-machined and feature smooth, rounded ends for snag-free peace of mind.  Offered in either black anodized finish or brushed aluminum (ready for paint/coating or graphic dip).  


DIRECT MOUNT CAPABILITY - No access to back side of rail required

ADJUSTABLE POSITIONING - In 1/2 slot increments for precise accessory placement

#8 MOUNTING SCREW – Excellent locking, utilizing special nut w/angled interface

RECOIL LUGS - Accessories are supported and aligned by lugs

FAST, SECURE AND SELF-ALIGNING – Provides excellent return-to-zero when removed and re-installed

Be sure to choose from the two drop-down menus: 

1) The supplied finish can be either brushed aluminum (ready for graphic-dip or paint/coating) or black anodized (our menu defaults to black anodized),

2) the # of slots desired (our menu/pricing defaults to the shortest and the drop-down menu allows you to select other lengths...when you select your desired length, the price will update automatically).

Available sizes:
3-Slot (1.600") =     $19.50
5-Slot (2.400") =     $22.00
7-Slot (3.160") =     $24.50
9-Slot (3.940") =     $28.00
11-Slot (4.728") =   $32.00
13-Slot (5.516") =   $35.50
15-Slot (6.304") =   $39.00
20-Slot (8.274") =   $48.00
25-Slot (10.244") = $62.00
30-Slot (12.214") = $67.00
33-Slot (13.396") = $69.00
37-Slot (14.972") = $71.00
40-Slot (16.154") = $74.00