LongShot Hammer Bar for Chiappa Little Badger


LongShot Hammer Bar for Chiappa Little Badger

LongShot HAMMER BARS for the Little Badger folding rifle are machined from solid bar stock and are for mounting onto the hammer of the popular CHIAPPA Little Badger. The Black Anodized and Brushed Aluminum versions are machined from solid 6061-T6 bar stock. The Brass version is machined from solid brass and can be polished to a high luster. 

They are supplied with mounting screw and hex key. No other tools are needed. Simple installation, too. Secures to the hammer using the pre-installed set screw. Most importantly, they are specially made for proper and secure fit onto the hammers of all Little Badger models and calibers. All our Hammer Bars have friction/gripper notches machined on each side.

Our LongShot Hammer Bar extensions are a substantial improvement when cocking the hammer back or releasing it when trying to eliminate accidental dry firing of the rifle.  Our brass Hammer Bar measures 7/16" diameter and is 1.400" long.  The aluminum versions are ½” in diameter x 1.400” long. Dimensions of the machined slot that the hammer fits into measures .520 wide x .170".   

They are designed to securely fasten to the hammer using a supplied and pre-installed 10-32 set-screw on one end of the bar. Although these Hammer Bars / Extenders are made specifically for fitting onto the hammers of the Little Badger, they should also fit other Little Badger models, as well as other firearms with similar shaped and size hammers. 

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