LongShot Extended Range Front Iron Sight for Hi-Point Models


LongShot Extended Range Front Iron Sight for Hi-Point Models

Fully adjustable, Extended Height Range Front Sight for all Hi-Point models. Our aluminum front sight is only 1/3 the weight (only 45 grams!) of the heavy, factory steel front sight, and also allows for the additional height range needed when using aftermarket rear sights at the rear of the gun.  

Total height range adjustment is almost 3/4" (.730").  Distance of center post bead to center of barrel measures 2.070" at minimum height, and 2.800" at maximum height. 

Completely CNC machined from American made 6061-T6 aluminum solid bar billet.   It is secured to the barrel with 3 supplied side mounted screws and will not scratch or mar the barrel. This clamping method is the preferred method of attaching a front sight onto a barrel.  

Available in Black Anodized and unfinished Brushed Aluminum versions.

Super cool and striking in appearance, and SUPERBLY MADE.   Comes with hex key and installation instructions, making it very easy to install.  Please note that installation of all aftermarket sights will require that your rifle to be re-zeroed and adjusted for shooting accuracy.