LongShot 4.5" Side Rail for Hi-Point TS Models


LongShot 4.5" Side Rail for Hi-Point TS Models

Our Picatinny Side Rails for your Hi-Point TS model are made of aircraft quality aluminum, and they are lightweight and sturdy! You can purchase in single packs or 2-packs, in brushed aluminum or black anodized finishes. 

NEW from LongShot...when you purchase a pair of side rails, one will be our new design with a radiused back (for placement any angle on your forend) and will have a machined hole for a quick release sling swivel, and one quick release swivel is included with the pair.  You also have the option of ordering a pair of the newly designed side rails, with one swivel included.

Please choose your model, quantity, and finish from the dropdown menus provided. 

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