LongShot 20" or 21" Adapter Rail for Hi-Point TS Models


LongShot 20" or 21" Adapter Rail for Hi-Point TS Models

Our unique M-LOK Adapter Rails allow you install ANY M-LOK product or accessory, from ANY manufacturer, directly to your Hi-Point carbine. This TOP adapter measures either 20" or 21" long and has been made to perfectly fit these Hi-Point models.  

The 20" fits the 9mm with ATI Stock, the Classic 995, 995TS, & 3895TS.
The 21" fits the 1095TS, 4095TS and the 4595TS.

Very easy to install.  Comes with all mounting hardware, LongShot aluminum Nut Plate, and the aluminum front muzzle support block.  Mounts directly to the factory metal receiver cover and uses additional mounting screws secured to top of the front handguard. 

This adapter rail is a huge improvement over the factory plastic picatinny rail and provides a tremendous increase in versatility. And now, this rail also allows you to install short or long M-LOK picatinny rails, aluminum or polymer, our brand or theirs, one rail or more than one rail, directly to the anywhere along the entire top of the of the gun.  This unique adapter rail weighs only 3-1/2 oz, too. 

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