All About LongShot                                                                                          

LongShot manufactures accessories for all Hi-Point carbines, including precision-machined Picatinny rails, barrel shrouds, charging handles, magazine release buttons, integrated shroud/rails, front iron sights, and more. Everything is manufactured with USA sourced materials in our USA manufacturing facility, and our products are designed for easy, drop-in installation. We offer over 300 items for Hi-Point carbines.

LongShot Mfg. has a history that spans two generations and more than sixty years of machining experience. Metalworking is our craft and has been passed down through generations in this family-owned and family-run business. At LongShot Mfg., we are keeping the legacy of craft and dedication alive.  In addition to our line of carbine accessories, LongShot Mfg. can accommodate custom orders or precision-machined metal and plastic parts for your business or industry.  

This arm of the business produces machined aluminum, steel, and brass accessories for all ARs that use Magpul's M-LOK mounting configuration, as well as for Hi-Point carbine models 995TS, 4095Ts, 4595Ts, 9mm w/ATI Stock,Classic 995 and 4095, Kel-Tec SUB2000, Chiappa weapons. Founder Jerry Arpaio has over 40 years of toolmaking and metalworking experience, and is considered a craftsman of the highest order.